Colab Eyewear

While we sometimes get tired of the same old styles...Australian eyewear brand Colab has teamed up with several mixed-media artists to solve this problem. They've created truly original shades only 1,000 of each style produced, so your chance of running into another pair on the streets will be rare.

Karl Lagerfeld x Margarete Steiff Teddy Bear
Karl Lagerfeld x Margarete Steiff Teddy Bear

Karl L has done it again. Being one of the last flamboyant fashion icons, the designer of Chanel, Fendi and his own Karl Lagerfeld collections has been immortalized in a video game, as a lead figurine, a plastic toy and now a lovable Teddy Bear. That's right a Teddy Bear. The chic fashion designer teamed up with famous German stuffed animal maker Margarete Steiff for their 125 Anniversary to design and manufacture ...

Ave Montaigne New Store Vogue Dinner

Carine Roitfeld, editor in Chied of French Vogue and David Lauren hosted a private dinner in Paris in honor of Ralph Lauren's new store on Avenue Montaigne.