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Karl Lagerfeld x Margarete Steiff Teddy Bear

Karl L has done it again. Being one of the last flamboyant fashion icons, the designer of Chanel, Fendi and his own Karl Lagerfeld collections has been immortalized in a video game, as a lead figurine, a plastic toy and now a lovable Teddy Bear. That’s right a Teddy Bear.

The chic fashion designer teamed up with famous German stuffed animal maker Margarete Steiff for their 125 Anniversary to design and manufacture the stylish stuffed animal. They were produced in a limited run of 2,500. Dubbed the “Karl Bear;” The fashion forward “Karl Bear” features Lagerfeld’s trademark style standing 15 inches tall made of white alpaca wool, wearing black aviator sunglasses, lacquered jeans, a high shirt collar, and a jewel-encrusted KL belt buckle. The “Karl Bear” is available at Neiman Marcus in the US and were released on September 8th. at the NYC store for $1500 a pop and are also available at Colette for $2080.

Info & Pics Via: NYMag.com | WMagazine.com | Cyanatrendland.com