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Fujistu “Break Away” Concept Phone – Slider+Flip+Media Player+More

About a week ago at the CEATEC Show in Japan, Fujitsu presented a new concept phone that had everybody talking. The concept born from a research partnership between Fujitsu and Docomo. Here is a little bit of info on what the phone concept is all about. It’s the ultimate phone with multiple split personalities, one minute it’s a slider, the next it’s a flip, or maybe a swivel or even go two completely different ways. This concept combines usability with versatility in a way thats has never been done before. The view screen and keypad touchscreen can be used separately or stuck together by magnets, and where you stick the screen on the keypad determines what and how the touchscreen shows. The view screen module can operate alone because it contains software that allows it process video recording and games functions. keyboard module handles all communication functions, such as 3G and radio. I have no idea of when this phone is going to come out or if it’s even going to go into mass production but, the design and concept is one of the best i’ve heard in a long time. Fujitsu could take over the market with this one.

Info and Pics Via: Akihabara News
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