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Custom Chanel Segway + 2.55 Handbag

This is for the true Chanel enthusiast. That right, it is what you think it is, a Segway. Yes the thing that mall cops and nerdy tourist ride around on.  I guess Karl Largerfeld doesn’t believe in recessions.  This Chanel Segway comes complete with the classic 2.55 handbag adapted fit the handlebars and matching black quilted-leather mud flaps and handlebar grips. I love the rims with the Chanel logo in the center.  The top speed is about 12mph. But, it’s not about the speed it’s about the style.  I wonder if we will see a gang of trophy wives on Rodeo drive cruising form shop to shop. I wonder where the Valet will park it?  No price has been listed and the Chanel Segway is  available by special order only. Read More To See More Pictures.

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