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The house is so lovely and gorgeous, in fact, that Karl Lagerfeld apparently isn’t satisfied with just one, and so had its façade recreated inside the Grand Palais as the set for the glorious Chanel show he presented on Friday morning. This was Lagerfeld at his savvy best, on one hand lavishing the clothes with ...

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of DIESEL the live festival “DIESEL XXX ” is going to be held in 17 countries. Proudly Tokyo will be the first one to feel the vibe on Oct 11th. We can not miss this massive party coming soon with many of gorgeous DJs and artists line-up. info via: DIESEL XXX

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Karl Lagerfeld once said that his signature line reflected how he would dress if he were a woman. Which (aside from the obviously came from his own wardrobe touches like the crisp and white high-collared shirt or the clerical color scheme) surely makes for the intriguing psychology that underpins this brand.

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Coco Rocha is both in print ads and video commercial for "Elle" new perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, the song in the commercial is "Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, check out Coco in this amazing video commercial as well!!

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This Sunday, Oct. 5 rock legend Bruce Springsteen will perform a free live concert in Columbus Ohio to support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. The free concert will be held at Ohio State University’s Main Oval. Doors open at 3 p.m. for the 4:30 p.m. program. The rally’s aimed at encouraging Obama supporters ...

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Roberto Cavalli finally designed Coca-Cola Light bottles. The limited-edition bottles, which come in three seductive, feminine style, will be sold in Italy from September to December. I would love to get my hands on any of animal printed designs. Which one would like like?

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Many celebrities came to show support to the LeBron Jamaes and his family Foundation to help enpower children and single parent households to form innovative programs and activities for those families. Fellow athletes and friends like Jay-Z, Serena Williams, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and more were all in attendance at the event.

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YSL giving away free totes on the streets! The sheer madness** if you are one of the lucky 5,000 people marks YSL’s head designer Stefano Pilati’s third ‘Manifesto” installment, which was widely distributed throughout six cities above. Over 500,000 copies of Naomi Campbell featured Manifest was circulating around town, and lucky people got a limited edition cotton tote ...

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Mr. Williams is on fire right now. He, got songs all over the radio and in the clubs, he just released the Video for the "Everybody Nose Remix." He is the man right now and Just Like David Hasselhoff, Pharrell is big in Europe too. Pharrell is featured in the August ...

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Kate Moss continued her summer vacation on Friday at the beach in Formentera, Spain. In addition to her mom Linda and daughter Lila, Kate was joined by Marc Jacobs, his boyfriend, maybe his new boyfriend??- Lorenzo Martone.