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Though it may look like a simple and quick way to dust the floors, these disposable soles by Jun-Soo Choi are quick and convenient for those who can't stand slippers in the house. Step on, pull off, and keep your toes clean and away from the floor!info via: http://www.yankodesign.com

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These Swarovski amethyst crystal-encrusted DJ headphones will have you hearing dazzling music and looking like a rock star. Donna D'Cruz sports her own but she designed these for the 2007 Swarovski Fashion Rocks, a special benefit event for The Prince's Trust. Each pair includes a luxury box and small carrier bag. At $2,404, they are ...

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First of all let me make one thing clear: I am against weapons. I won't look at or touch the things ... unless they are Hello Kitty... I found his wonderful weapon on ThisNext.com and I just liked it. This fully functional firearm fires standard 7.62mm 125 or 150 grain ammunition with a muzzle velocity of ...

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Psychologist, Harvard Business School researcher and etiquette columnist Robin Abrahams said in a recent interview that cell phones, iPods and PCs are casing a WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC OF SHYNESS. She said nearly 50% of people say they're shy in social situations, up from about 40% "in the past." "People shop online, they listen to their iPods ...

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If you'd like to get away from it all -- even from the sound of ringing cell phones -- The Grenadines' Palm Island resort is just the place. The resort has BANNED CELL PHONES, laptops and PDAs within a half mile of the beach in front of the joint.